"Collaborative" - [kuh-lab-uh-rey-tiv]

The adjective collaborative describes something accomplished by working together with others. 

The Collaborative Camden was established in September 2012 with a view of bringing together events based businesses to share, work and meet with clients from the one space. 

Since this time, The Collaborative's core objective has evolved into providing a shared space for local businesses and creatives alike to co-work and share our large, first floor studio. For businesses and creatives, this shared space provides a professional working environment for businesses who may struggle working effectively and meeting with clients from a home office.

For businesses who are keen to collaborate, share ideas and the burden of leasing a space and not work alone, The Collaborative provides the ideal environment for interacting with other similarly minded local businesses. Working alone can be a lonely and isolated experience for many business owners, it can also be a very distracting one when working from a home office and quite often meeting with clients in public spaces can be noisy, unprofessional and frustrating. The Collaborative mitigates some of these experiences, allowing our residents to co-work, meet with clients and grow their business for a fraction of what would be outlaid in an individual business premises. 

"we're not a 'clique' or business group, we're just a bunch of small businesses based under the same roof"

The Collaborative can become an instant network of contacts, ideas, resources and support if you feel this is something that you need within your business. We welcome all creatives and small businesses looking to make the transition from home office into professional space. 

Small businesses are all essentially trying to paddle their little boats in the same direction; some might row faster than others, some might row themselves around in circles and yes.. some may find themselves without paddles and treading water (insert shocked face emoji here). Together, we can hop into one boat and row to that destination 'collaboratively'. 


Michelle Maric - Owner & Founder; The Collaborative Camden